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That is something that many people brought up on Discord. The way crops work right now has a number of problems:

  1. They only grow when someone's working on the field. If there are more workers, or they work longer hours, the crops grow faster. It makes no sense.
  2. The size of the field is a fixed 5x5 square. We plan to allow placing crops of any shape, within some reasonable limits. That way you could fit them in some of those tight spots along hillsides and rivers.
  3. There is really nothing surprising about how they work. We discussed internally some ways to spice it up, for example winter, droughts or pests.

Any ideas how to improve how crops work are welcome. We do not want to overcomplicate it but it is nevertheless one of the core mechanics, so a little bit more depth would not hurt.

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I agree with this. I would have thought that crops would grow regardless of someone working in them, but having only 1 beaver (or no beavers) might affect the following:

  • Crop harvest amount (perhaps 25% if no beavers attended, 50% if 1 beaver, 100% if 2 beavers.)
  • Crop harvest speed (once fully grown, maybe it takes 3 days to fully harvest rather than that one quick day, unless you have 2 beavers.)
  • Nutritional quality (I note that grilled potatoes are at Nutrition II - maybe this is tracked and, even if grilled, they become Nutrition I) 
  • Speed of growth, however:
    • This would probably require the introduction of a fertilizer mechanic, assuming that beavers attending would fertilize the crops to improve growth speed.
    • This could also foster the introduction of weather mechanics -- sleet / snow slows growth, rain speeds growth, all else maintains typical speed.
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