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Job slots display, "Contracts" for tactical gameplay, challenges, Campaign levels, and more

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I'd love to see some sort of visual indicator showing the number of available/used job slots on buildings so I know where to relocate workers to/from

A way to initiate "contracts" such as 2x work speed for the next 3 days but it consumes more food, Rationing food to make it last longer but reduces work speed, 1/2 work speed but it increases happiness and improves chance of more beavers being born, etc.

3x speed could use an auto-graphic change so that it is smoother

challenges where doing a certain task or producing a certain number of goods produces either a temporary/permanent boost or rewards a chunk of resources

Access to more hidden goods and resources by exploring and expanding

Also really hoping for some sort of campaign where there is an object, set map generation, or other goal-based level type

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