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A button to make warehouse goods specific

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What I would like to suggest is to have a single button to specify the purpose of a warehouse. . E.g. only allow food (berries, bread, carrots, potato, wheat) or materials (everything else). We can already specify which materials can go in which warehouse, but we have to edit every single material, in every single warehouse. Having a single button to do that same thing would make our lives easier.

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I would like to add that even when I set my warehouse to request 50 berries, it still filled up with berries, crowding out the much more valuable potatoes. I think warehouses should have a "minimum" and "maximum" for each resource, so beavers will prioritize placing resources in warehouses that do not have the "minimum," and warehouses above their requested quantity for a resource will send resources to warehouses below it. Additionally, beavers will never place resources exceeding a warehouse's maximum for that resource.

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