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General Feedback - Mostly about usability, the game looks awesome!

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First impressions were that the game is beautiful to look at and seems well optimised. 


-The tutorial could be a bit more specific about where to find certain things - maybe a quick show of each section on the bottom bar to the player before starting them building?

-When trying to cut down trees for the first time I didn't find it very intuitive - maybe a little animation to show the player which button to press and then which option to choose and how to use it?

-After a while of playing I'm still not sure how to get baby beavers - do you need opposite sex beavers sleeping in the same lodging (if so, could you indicate whether a beaver is m/f to make this easier)? If not, maybe let the player know in the tutorial the rough birth-rate and what affects it so they can plan a little. 

-Similar with life span - could we get a hint as to how many days the beavers live so we can plan?

-I didn't realise that putting power lines would cut off the area of effect for some buildings until I'd placed loads of it - it would be helpful to have this as a little warning similar to how the warning appears when you're going to block an entrance with a building. 

-The dry season is really cool!

-The menu on the left showing which beavers are employed and where is great - maybe it would be better if we could also see which beavers were employed if we hovered over it?

-It would be cool to be able to rename the beavers :)

Thanks for the opportunity to demo this really cool game. Good luck with the release!

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I realy like the game. Wet and dry season adds something to the genre too.

Some small quality of life stuff:


remove tool:   I'd like the option to drag and only select certain objects (like tree stumps).

add hotkeys: copy building, cancel construction, etc.

add mouse edge scrolling. 

alert when beavers are dying, critical water levels, etc.

an indication of the quantity of goods consumed each day would be helpfull.

maybe get something like a meteorologist who can determine the length of the next dry season (and thus the quantity of water etc needed to survice). 



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