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Patch notes: Demo v20210511 – Play the demo in your language (and more!)


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Hello! Cześć! Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! Olá! Привет! Ciao!

Indie Celebration showcase comes to Steam on May 13th-14th, and we’re lucky to be its finalists. To celebrate and welcome new players, we have a fresh demo build. If you like what you see, please vote for Timberborn in the event’s Community Vote. It requires ~three clicks and no registration. You may vote here. Thanks!


(These beavers are casting their votes. Join them!)


Now, for the update. It’s time to cross off another point on the list of things to be done before we can announce the Early Access launch date – the translations. We want to give you a taste of that ahead of the release, and today's update to Timberborn Demo is exactly that. Also, the game now looks better, loads faster, and there are multiple new music tracks to enjoy. The update is live on Steam and on GOG.

If you’re new to the game: hail and well met! Please don’t starve your beavers.

And if you’re a veteran who wants to play Timberborn in another language – now it's the time. Be sure to let us know what you think about the localization. We want to make it right for launch.

Speaking of which: from now on, the best place to report any issues – both translation- and gameplay-related – is our public bug tracker. It doesn’t require registration and will help us prioritize the work for launch and beyond. Please check it whenever you encounter a problem with Timberborn! You may have noticed the Bugs sections is now read-only as explained here.

(*) We wanted to say こんにちは!, 안녕하세요! , and 你好!here as well. Sadly, we encountered a nasty bug with the engine so even though the Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese localizations are ready to be implemented we had to hold that off. We’ll add them ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Patch notes – Demo v20210511



In-game text
We have added seven out of ten translations planned for the Early Access launch. The Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese versions will follow as soon as the Unity bug is fixed.

  • Timberborn Demo is now available in English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.
  • The language should be changed automatically based on your Steam settings. To change it manually, check the in-game Settings.

Visual update, part 2
We’re following up on the new style update from the previous patch with an additional visual pass. We’re also trying out a brand new style of particle effects! BOOM!

  • Made visual tweaks to building elements such as walls, roofs, paper, or thatchings.
  • Replaced particle effects for fire, smoke and explosions.

We heard your concerns about the smoke coming out through Grill’s roof… so while changing the particles (see above) we changed Grill’s model entirely.

  • Grill received a new model and is now a 2x2 building.

We’ve added more music composed for Timberborn by Zofia Domaradzka! You clearly like Zofia’s songs so it’s time for some major additions! We now have a new main menu theme and you will hear different in-game tracks depending on whether it’s a wet or a dry season.

  • Added a new main menu track.
  • Added two dry season-specific tracks.
  • Added one wet season-specific track (on top of the three existing ones).

Adaptive speed
When you increase game speed, it will now increase slightly less if you’re playing on a map with a higher population. This helps reduce lag in later stages of the game.

  • The game now uses dynamic speed adjustment. The speed increase remains at flat x3 and x7 at the beginning of the game.

In-game UI
We’ve made changes to the in-game UI and screens such as Settings. For Early Access launch, changes will be much more prominent – what you see now is an ongoing work in progress related to the implementation of UI Toolkit now available to Unity developers. (Yay, that’s us!)

Children behaviour
We've made some adjustments to the behaviour of kits and adults claiming free spots in lodges.

Even though we’re still working on the performance, depending on the size of your settlement and population, the loading times should now be shorter, sometimes even halved.

Bug and Suggestion Tracker
Not really a part of the patch but we wanted to stress out the importance of this. While we will continue to discuss the bug reports on our Discord, the best way to report problems with Timberborn is to use the dedicated tracker we now have. Find it here.


As a final note: there’s more happening behind the scenes. In the near future, we’ll tell you about a solution we came up with that makes running large settlements easier and more fun… while also improving the game’s performance. Stay tuned!

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  • Miami pinned and featured this topic

First play through the new demo v20210511, and lost of great things indeed, thanks a lot for this!
Assigning priorities to workers is still difficult, at one point I realized the water pump was not manned anymore and had to switch off/on a lot of buildings before I could get a beaver to go and man the pump. But too late they all died horribly.

I always want someone to work the water pump and the farm, so those need to be tended to first before any other building gets workers inside it. The priority system to say what should be built first works very well, maybe having something similar for assigning the priority of working in the buildings would solve the issue.

This is a very serious issue : beavers are dying here! 😉

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