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Building on dams, and transportation priority

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Playing on Canyon.

I built my first dam as far downstream as I could to be able to provide natural irrigation to as much of my colony's land as possible. I built a second dam of two stories, fairly close to a waterfall (see attachment), allowing water to back up the river. I tried to have a dam on the lower tier to allow some flow once the dry season hit. Dams say they are solid, but another dam or levee couldn't be built on top of the lower tiers dam. So although I could stop the flow of water, the only way I could replenish the first reservoir was to demolish part of the dam, and let water flow that way. That is hardly efficient. The trickle effect of the lower dam would do two things; keep the lower reservoir replenished a further day or two (anything to gain an edge during a long dry season), and also keep a water wheel turning a little bit longer providing power.

Also, beavers assigned to the build huts are capable of transporting items from one storage facility to another. Could there be a priority drop down menu (similar to farm houses and forestry), to be able to choose which storage facility I want the beavers to transport items from. That way I could tell my beavers transport water from water pump storage (to small tanks), instead of moving lumber from one log pit to another.

Can't wait for the next update, or the full release.

Thank you for listening.

Screenshot (15).png

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