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One beaver taking 2 slots in the same house.

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Disclaimer: I have been editing the game to turn back "Cycle" to 1 and incressing the "DrySeasonDuration" starting at 15 and increasing by 15 each season.  I don't think it linked to the bug but who knows and always nice to have a good reason to ignore a bug.


In the save game included, At the little outpost where the river exited the map there are 2 houses (under wearhouses) the both have 2 slots taken up by the same beaver.  Might be related to the fact that this outpost sometimes has a path back to the main base where newly adults can move to and some time the path is blocked by water.




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Looks like you managed to pause/make a save game while he was moving his things between slots 😉

As soon as I load this game and hit play, Lujin leaves one slot. Can you confirm?

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That’s what I’m seeing when I loaded my save.  But I think that when I saved this bug they where suck like that for a while.  Because that base does not have a path back to the main base there are normally 5 or 6 adults in 2 houses.  I found the bug when checking to see why I only had 4.  

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PS.  I fixed it when playing by disabling and reenabling the house.  It’s possible it was just chance that I paused it at the right frame.  But I don’t think so,  but if it fixes it’s self on reloading the it not a big problem.

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