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Patch notes: Demo v20210401 – Catapults!


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Hello everyone,

it appears you’ve enjoyed the last week’s patch, so we’ve got another coming! We’re happy to introduce a brand new feature we’ve been working on in secrecy for quite some time! Here are the patch notes for the CATAPULTS Patch!


New feature: Tactical Beaver Drops
We know you’re concerned about beaver numbers dropping too fast during dry seasons, and that’s why we’re adding an emergency way of increasing the population once per demo.

  • Added Tactical Beaver Drops (TBDs). When your population hits 8 or below for the first time (starting with the first dry season), a countdown of 8 hours begins. At zero, if at least 4 beavers are still alive, they will drop all they’re doing and spread a safety net awaiting TBDs in a form of additional beavers catapulted from outside the map. With fewer than 4 beavers are alive, TBDs will be aimed at nearby water bodies which results in a lower chance of successful delivery.
  • The number of TBDs and the age of beavers included are random, but you can expect at least two adult beavers and a single kit to arrive. Note that the Comfort attribute of the catapulted beavers starts at zero and doesn’t increase for 24 in-game hours.

New building: Catapult
Since we're adding catapults, it would be a shame not to allow you to use them at your leisure. Catapults let you expand your colony quickly even on the largest maps.

  • New building: Catapult (250 SP to unlock; 20x plank, 4x gear, 4x metal to build; employs 1 worker). Allows you to yeet adult beavers and packages of goods across the map.
  • To catapult a beaver, you need to mark the desired landing area – only areas covered with water and plants are eligible. There’s a cooldown of 2 in-game hours between uses.
  • Beavers to be catapulted will be randomly chosen from among adult volunteers (beavers with the highest Fun attribute) in range.
  • You may also choose packages of goods such as food or water barrels to be catapulted.

New system: Ballistics and ragdoll physics
Finally, the new feature wouldn’t be complete without a better visual presentation of beavers soaring under the sky and landing graciously.

  • Added ragdoll physics to the game.

We would love to hear your feedback about this unbelievable feature! 😁

EDIT on April 2nd: in case this wasn't clear, the addition of in-game catapults and TBDs was just an April Fool's joke. But since this subject comes up in discussions a lot, who knows what happens at some point down the road.

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We're working on making Early Access available as soon as possible – there will be no limits there!

Also, the announcement above was unfortunately an elaborate hoax prepared by those in the team who lob for an addition of in-game catapults. There was no patch on April 1st and we're not adding catapults and TBDs... at least not now. 😋

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On 4/24/2021 at 11:21 PM, Tempe said:

Steam says 'Early access 2021' When is that?

Outstanding work guys

Hey, thanks! We don't have a specified launch date yet for the reasons explained here. But we're getting there, step by step. 🙂

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