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Hello, sharing some ideas and hopes for the various beaver factions. I'm really hoping the factions feel very different from each other more so than just a different colored beaver strolling around the camp. It would be cool to see a faction of beavers that can swim and are able to find resources within the water. I've seen some comments suggesting Clay gets added as a resource, and the swimmer beavers could access clay much easier and quicker than the other factions. A beaver faction that is able to dig into the ground to create caves, mine for resources like rock, ore, gems, or stone to build their buildings would also be a drastic change from the current beaver faction. A science based faction with deeper end game buildings or a detailed knowledge system that requires beavers to get smarter each cycle could be a really fun faction. Either way, I just hope that each beaver is really unique. They need to have different buildings available at different tiers, otherwise I'm worried that the factions will feel more like having a different skin on your tribe and less like you a different tribe. Feel free to add other ideas for different factions! I do really hope the game grows into something super cool.+

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