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Hello! Just sharing some thoughts after completing the demo a couple of times. I've seen several posts suggesting possible weather interactions and I think that would be a great addition to the full game. Rain storms that cause flooding or save you during the dry season, lightning storms that cause fire, fierce wind gusts that affect the power wheels or cause other problems. The wind could do a lot even down to changing the walk speed of the beavers if they are walking into the wind or away from it, maybe a bit more than the devs want to think about adding, but it could be a neat addition. Also having winter conditions like snow or cold weather that cause the rivers to freeze could be an interesting mechanic along with the treacherous dry season. 

I would also like to see other animals interact with the beavers both positively and negatively. My first thoughts are bears and deer. What if deer try to sneak in and steal crops or bears come in to attack. We could have beavers on look out to deal with those threats or add fences to deter them. Alternatively, we might find areas where trees are already knocked down from other animals or paths that those animals made to help with transportation. 

Really liked the demo and the videos I have seen so far and hope the game continues to grow.

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