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I don’t know what the full game will be like.  But here an idea.  

Campaign mode:

you start with 2 or 3 maps unlocked and have to complete them to unlock others.  You can have a world map which is a picture of an area with context locations.

Each map will have it’s own wet/dry season timings getting harder as you go along.  These can be changed by selecting easy/medium or hard.  To complete a map you have to make it to the end with X beavers a live. If you do this you will win with one star and unlock other maps.

Completing maps may unlock other beaver types or buildings (you would still need to research these each map)

There will also be bonus objectives like make it to the end with 70 beavers alive or change the flow off the river to make it flow off a different side of the map.  Or build a map custom building.  Doing this will get you more stars.  (Some of these, like changing river flow, might unlock hidden maps)

Once the time is up you can keep playing a map if you want but can earn stars on medium or hard modes.


Apocalypse mode:

Each season one or more of the flowing happens, wet season gets shorter, dry season gets longer, You need more beavers alive at the end of the season to pass.  This should ramp up quite quickly to keep the games short so people can retry.


Peaceful mode:

With easy, normal and hard wet/dry lengths but nothing to stop people building for ever.  Much like keep playing a campaign map after won, but a lot more choice of maps.

I have not used the map editor but it should have the options to set wet/dry season lengths for easy medium and hard.


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