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Been playing Canyon after the new patch. Some observations:

-it took 12 days after the first lodge to get my first child. much longer than prior to the patch

-three adults are living in a lodge (see screenshots)

-i had some flooding, and a sleeping mat was moved (i've seen this with placing a building where a mat was also), the mat was placed and the beaver went to it, but the beaver couldn't leave the area, as it was completely isolated (if the beaver could manage to get there, why couldn't it leave)(see screenshot). The beaver eventually died of thirst

Thanks for listening.

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

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Yes if you don’t have room to house all you beavers then you will not get any new borns.   To get the max birth rate you want 1 house for every 2 beavers.  If you have 3+ beavers and only one house you will not get any new kids.  (If I understand the new system). I like this new system.

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I had 3 houses, occupied by 6 beavers (2 each). 4 beavers were still homeless. And still it took 12 days to get a child. 

so, the new system requires ALL beavers to be housed before any children will be born? Not a fan of that idea.

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