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香川中讃 Takamatsu Desert 256x256 (Kagawa, Japan)


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This map is a reproduction of the real world.
The location is Kagawa, Japan.
Drought is common in Kagawa history.
"The Takamatsu Desert” was a 1973 great drought in Kagawa,

Google Map




The lack of water has been the biggest problem for Kagawa since ancient times.
There were few rivers and no land to build dams.
Since it was not suitable for growing rice, which requires a lot of water, wheat has been cultivated extensively since ancient times.
This is why Kagawa is famous for its udon noodles (made from wheat).

Securing a new water source is not completely out of our hands.
The Yoshino River, the largest river in Shikoku, flows through neighboring Tokushima. 
“If only we could draw that abundant water from beyond the Sanuki Mountains…” It was natural for the beavers of Kagawa to have high hopes for the Yoshino River.
Can you create a river in the desert?





Strategy (Spoiler)
Flood the Yoshino River in the southwest of the map.
Otherwise, there would be so little water that even if all the water from the river were stored in the dam, there would not be enough for the beavers to drink. (In hard mode)
Hydropower is almost useless until you use the Yoshino River.



Fun Fact
The Yoshino River is the only river that is adjacent to all four states of Shikoku.
As a result, the four states are often at odds with each other over the Yoshino River.
The Sameura Dam, a dam on the Yoshino River, was originally supposed to read "Shikoku is united(四国はひとつ)" on its monument, but The governor of Kochi opposed the idea.
"Shikoku is not united.
We are unique to each other."

So the monument is written as "Shikoku's Vitality(四国のいのち)".

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20 minutes ago, Riff said:

image.thumb.png.a8e0f399ac0a69f2ed6072cecd101f68.pngUpdate on my (thus far) prized colony.

Wow. You have truly created a beautiful colony. And you didn't bother the beavers of Tokushima by changing the flow of the Yoshino River. Instead you built a reservoir and thrived☺.

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