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Rift Valley River - v1.2 - (128x256)


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My first custom map newly updated to include underground ruins, +1 water source, and water sinks (v1.1 of this map has previously been uploaded elsewhere but not here). I've play tested on Folktails Medium + Hard but not with Iron Teeth. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.



The story...

Day 45
Your family has been travelling for almost 2 moon cycles. Rumours of a valley plentiful in fresh flowing water, perfect for building a new home in, have drawn you across the barren wastes and over the dry mountains. Weary from the hard journey you crest the mountain pass and pause in awe, and relief. Below is a small lush valley cupped between two ridges with the pines thick on the slopes and a small sparkling stream singing with life. You take in this potential paradise and then look beyond... shocked to see some great cataclysm in ages past has rent the land! A great rift has opened up and into it all the waters of the mountain flow, disappearing into the earth. On the far side your eyes follow a dried up bed of a once great river that the waters no longer reach. You can see it used to meander across the wide plain and in the distance you spot ruins of what looks to have been a great city in the Before Times. This river must have once brought great fertility to the land to feed such a large place. After a long moment you notice the others around you have already started to forge a trail down into the valley, eager to feel water on their tails once again. You follow them down, hopeful for the days ahead.

Day 48
You've explored this little valley over the past few days and all are in agreement, this shall be our new home. But at night around the camp fire the Den Mothers talk of greater dreams! Can we heal this Rift Valley River? Can we use our great engineering ability to return the mountain waters to its original river path and make the open plains beyond fertile once more? If so, perhaps our Clan can become as mighty as the city that once stood on its banks in ages past.


Rift Valley River - v1.2.timber


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