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Patch notes: Demo v20210322 – New style, build prioritization, and more


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Hello everyone!

The work on Timberborn is progressing well, and we wanted to share a bit of that by updating Timberborn Demo! So, we’re changing visuals for ALL the buildings. We have also added the build priority system, a.k.a. the beaver dancefloor. In other news, one of the woes that our beta testers are familiar with is gone – it is now easier to control the population.

Visual changes


Different playable factions of Timberborn will each have a unique architecture. Today’s update changes textures, colors and models of buildings to showcase the style of one of the factions arriving with the Early Access launch. We have also added lights to the operating buildings. We may still be tweaking the visuals so let us know if you like what you see!

  • Changed textures, colors, and/or models for ALL buildings present in the demo.
  • Windows of occupied buildings will now light up. That includes lodges at night – it’s quite a sight and a signal of the upcoming baby boom.

New tool: Assign priorities


We’re keeping track of all the feedback you send us, and a better building priority system was so often requested we decided to deploy it ahead of launch. Oh, you guys.

  • There are now five levels of building and demolishing priority: from very low (1) to very high (5). The default priority is normal (3).
  • Added Assign priorities tool to the bottom panel. Use it to select a priority and mark (or paint over) objects scheduled for building or demolishing. Each priority has a color, and after clicking the tool’s button, a colored preview will be displayed for all projects.
  • Added corresponding priority buttons to the menu of each object scheduled for building or demolishing.

Population growth

The change below lets you choose when to grow your colony – which is important, especially when your population hits higher numbers. Need more happy little beavers? Build more lodges.

  • Kits no longer move out of their parents’ lodges once grown-up unless there are unclaimed lodges in range.


The changes below helped us create some fancy new GIFs to showcase new and refreshed buildings. Check our social media channels for those – starting tomorrow!

  • It is now possible to Shift-click the “Follow” (eye) icon so that the camera follows the object without highlighting it with a green tint.
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Follow” not to focus on the building’s centre.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Added a counter in the upper left corner that displays a number of homeless beavers.
  • Updated the “Nothing to do” icon.
  • Shafts have been renamed Power Shafts.
  • Replaced “Fuel cycles” with a percentage of “Fuel depletion” in log-consuming buildings.
  • Replaced “Jobless” with “Unemployed” in descriptions of beavers and buildings.
  • Made minor changes to other descriptions, including the way we display what needs are satisfied by particular buildings or goods.
  • From now on, we will be naming Timberborn builds using the pattern you see in the patch notes' title. In-game version names will reflect that, making it easier to keep track of game versions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug that caused backpacks not to be taken off after beavers carrying them entered the lodge. That’s work-life balance 101.

We would love to hear what you think about the new changes, especially the new visuals! You can use our forums, or if you want to talk to us directly, hop on our official Discord. We’ve just kicked off a new #BeaverBrainstorm to discuss present and future “Fancy towns”!

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I'm using the demo through Steam on Linux.
It says version v20210319-6179b39-dsw and has the new style buildings

I tried unistall/reinstall, same version.

How can I upgrade the demo to v20210322 ?

Also RMB stopped working for camera rotation, and mouse scroll stopped working for camera zoom so cannot move the camera anymore.

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When clicking RMB the cursor disappears and jumps to screen centre. It reappears when RMB is released. If moved, it'll reappear as moved from the screen centre.

This worked before on the same system, this broken RMB/camera issue is new, a week or so.


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