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I'm 15 minutes into the game and I cannot figure out how to assign beavers to jobs. I love this concept and I was super excited but I can't figure out how to do the most basic action: assign beavers to tasks. I've played Sim City since version 1 and Civilization since Civ 3 so I'm used to these games. There was no guidance that I could see which indicated how to assign tasks or accomplish any goals.

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Yes, task management can be a little confusing at first.

Beavers automatically pick up tasks if they have nothing else to do. Tasks are controlled through the buildings, not through assigning beavers directly. So if you want to make beavers switch tasks, you need to disable the building they're currently working in.

It can also be confusing because it can take them a while to acknowledge a change. If they're currently in the middle of a task that can't be easily paused, they'll finish it before switching tasks. And some tasks like hauling can take quite a long time.

Hope that helps!


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+1 on this.
I just downloaded the demo, tried it out, survived a first dry season, but when wet season resumed they all died of thirst because no one worked at the water pump.

I could not figure how to assign any worker to it, and had to watch them all die. From thirst. Just next to a flowing river. This is beyond frustrating.

It should be possible to pick a building and manually assign a worker to it, or there should be a way to say 'hey this building must be operated before any other one'.
Or at the very least the engine should be clever and prioritize water and food.

The game is very nice looking, fun to play, but this really soured the experience on me

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