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Demo Challenge: Skyscraper!

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Try to build the tallest, most efficient building you can. All building doors must be accessible.

Height is measured as the greatest number of stacked structures on a single square. (it does no good to find the tallest point on the map and build from there.)

Efficient can mean "height per material", "building per material", or "least land used". Take your pick.

Bonus points for capping it with a monument.

Maximum height is 18. Probably.  There's a height cap to the maps. I've counted up, but I haven't tried to dig down that far.

Here's an example with height 15:


Hidden so as not to spoil for those who want to design it themselves.


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OK so I took this a a design challenge and not a build it challenge.  So I might of cheated a bit when building it.

My goal was least land used to get to 35 houses (to houses the max 70 beavers in the demo).  One of the problems I found when building this is the range of the house at the top make this unhelpful in normal game play.  Also makes it hard to build I had to add a second short cut to get to the higher levels. luckily there was room and only increased my footprint by 2.


My biggest problem is you cant build anything on top of stairs so each layer you lose one spot.  and I think but cant quite prove your max high is going to be your footprint * 0.5 and you only get close to that on very large footprints.  If I where going to try this again I would focus on shortest path to the ground I focused too much on fitting as many staircases as possible even if the beavers had to walk around a it to get the the stairs.


Back when I though this might be some what useful when playing I designed the first layer to be easy to use when getting started.






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I see you went for freestanding, not making use of the terrain to help get to higher levels. Since you were going for max houses per land used, that makes sense.

And yes, walking distance to the top is definitely an important factor if you are aiming for functionality. Still, I found that even the highest houses on my skyscraper could reach everything in my core city. But it was a lot of extra distance they'd have to walk to get to sleep every night. Also, I had waaay more houses than I needed, so no-one lived on the higher levels.

You can build things on top of stairs, it just takes a double height platform. It took me a while to figure that out, too. I don't use it in my design because it's so much more efficient materials-wise to use a staircase of houses.

Now I'm tempted to take up your challenge of "minimal land use for 35 houses". So, that'd be a good reason to revisit the stacking on top of stairs mechanic.


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I decided to go for max possible height of 18, with a stack of 17 houses and 1 monument. I also tried to minimize use of pause for this game. I used basically the same design as last time, just extended it a bit. I had to dig down two levels to get there (and I verified that I couldn't dig any lower).

Due to my minimal-pause constraint, I almost didn't make it. That's why the only completed image is at night.

P.S.  It would be nice to not allow building explosives on the lowest level, instead of allowing the player to waste the resources, and telling them afterwards that they can't use them.


canyon 3 max skyscraper almost.png

canyon 3 max skyscraper done.png

canyon 3 max skyscraper progress 2.png

canyon 3 back side.png

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