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Beaver AI stuck?


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After 56 hours of the demo (trying to speed certain buildings, or figure out the most efficient way to do something), I decided to poke around in the save game .json

When I loaded back into the file, I had a number of beavers exhibiting what seemed to be a "stuck" AI - They had a standing idle animation, wouldn't move, and the hunger/thirst/sleep meters decrease.

For some of the beavers, (i.e. farmhouse workers) it appeared I could 'reset' their AI by turning the building (farmhouse) off and on. However, there appear to be a few others (either just standing around, or my foresters) who seem to still be "stuck".

I've attached the initial savegame where I noticed the behavior.


Oh! I forgot to initally add:

Even though the sleep/thirst/hunger meters are empty, and the tooltip says they will die soon, the beavers in question don't die.


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