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Demo Challange: Independent Colony

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On the plains map cross the bottom of the lake on the first Dry phase and set at an independent colony on the other side and use that colony to dam the lake before the start of the second dry phase.


Here is how I did it.

Image in link so as not to show spoilers to people who don't want to see one way it could be done.


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Those stairs look like boat ramps.

How much of that did you build with just the two builder flags?

Did the lake last the whole second dry season?


Here's what I did to dam up the big lake.


It's not an independent colony, but it could have been fairly easily. But I needed a monumental amount of logs to build the second and third levels of the dam, so I really needed the airlifts from home base. Also, I really wanted to get started before the first dry season.

I didn't end up finishing the 3rd level of the dam because I was trying to build levies to protect my main base from the flood it would cause, and I didn't realize the game would end after the second dry season.

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The builders hut on the starting side go me started,  it build a water pump, 2 houses and a warehouse.  The warehouse has to be built a the far range of the builders hut because you need to build a gathering flag in range of the berries and the warehouse before you can eat.  Once there is a path across the river that (you need to do quite quick to get more food) it is no longer truly independent as there is a long path back home that the beavers will use to switch houses.

The lake dried out on the last day of the second dry season which is fine the water tanks covered that and even if they didn’t beavers can go a day with out drinking.  My main base was also building dams up steam which helped me last.


Your 2 layer is amazing I did think about trying that on my next play through but i was not sure if it was possible and I have a plan for upstream involving tnt.  I have seen a YouTube who moved out of the stating location and flooded it.  Don’t know if that idea would help in your 3 high dam plan.


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My suggestion for the game was going to be "need a mechanism for creating outposts".

Clearly the above thread shows that it can be done int the demo as-is already. But it's not easy... you need atleast a builders post and housing at the target site before you can start building the stuff it really needs (food, housing, water) which tends to mean I spend the came creeping my colony outwards rather than sending out colonies.

Would be nice if you could build say a "builders wagon", that stores X food and X water and X lumber, and acts as a home and builders post for 1 beaver. Then you could send 1 (or several) of these to build your outpost. Maybe you get the lumber by dissassembling the wagon (helping ensure the wagon is inherrently temporary).

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