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Hi, I played this game a lot a few weekends ago and had a lot of thoughts down. I looked through some posts but seemed like a bit too many items to find each post about it so sorry if some are reposted..


1) Highlight buttons - I've seen posts that say to totally revamp which is good. But one useful thing is to highlight the button needed to be clicked. It took me a while to find which button in the menu was the right option. This was certainly frustrating. Conversely,  disabling the other buttons would work too. Or adding an arrow, just needs an indication.

2) Emphasize that beavers can/will move resources from storage to storage

3) Emphasize the process of how jobless/homeless beavers move from place to place/job to job based on boundaries and ad building LoS. (incl the wood storage). This was one of the most frustrating things to figure out while playing. This could be helped in actual game w/ Helpful Infor #4



- Would like to see warnings come up for certain buildings, on a side or some kind of indication in the UI. Frustrating to have to check each building to see if is/isn't getting the resources is needs.

1) No trees to cut in designated areas/for a wood worker

2) Full storage globally

3) building UI - all nearby storage is full 

4) Building doesn't have workers nearby that can build it


General Thoughts

1) Irrigation is doubling up unnecessarily if left - could have a warning message

2) Able to hide certain UI elements

3) Bigger size for UI building buttons. They can be too small. Or ability to increase/decrease their size.

3) Add a on/off toggle by season - or a X season only for (certain) buildings. Like irrigation/power wheels/water pumps.

4) Enable/disable hotkeys.

5) Select all of a building type via hotkey. (e.g. Cntrl-click)

6) Add a flag/landmark building just for fun and to mark awesome beaver territory - doesn't necessarily need an affect.

7) Another way to pump out water? If you wanted to build in a present lake for some reason.

8 ) A dam that can be opened or closed. Was mentioned in a previous one. Helps to adjust for dry/rainy seasons and to stop from deleting every season.

9) Ability to move beavers from one house to another. To switch jobs. Easier then having to disable jobs


Helpful Information

1) Elevation level/hovering over mouse. Maybe only if you are building from the landscape menu. Or always...

2) Water/food usage estimate

3) All beavers stat page - Would be very helpful to see exactly how many are starving/thirsty/need more of certain comforts. Could have water/food est here.

4) In dwelling UI - add a 'no jobless beavers can reach this building'

5) Continue to show where the entrance is with building blueprint when it is covered by a building. I often couldn't remember which side a dwelling was on and had to recheck before figuring out how to clear up building/land for it.

6) Total storage space beavers have - helpful if I have haulers moving things around and to realize half my storage is used by planks.

7) Indication if beavers are working (or living) in a building (small green dots beside it) This will probably get bad with building layers..


Nice to have but doesn't really work with style of game

1) Building queue - though this is based on local beaver priority

2) Manually limit boundaries for buildings. Like if you want farmhouses to only farm a certain farm


These are mainly things that caused frustrations for me in situations, not just 'would be cool' items.

Happy to discuss/add more thoughts in replies!


Thanks for reading!



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Besides that, if developers read this. I really really really like this game a lot. Anthropomorphic beaver civ/survival setting is super awesome. Discovering how dams work was really awesome. At first I was frustrated b/c I didn't know how they worked until just trying. Water physics looks cool. The change in wet/dry seasons is awesome! Great job devs, excited for the game when it comes out.

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