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General Thoughts and Some Suggestions

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1. Carrots are definitely not maturing in 4 days! A lot of my beavers died for that. Plus, since you went the extra length to make the characters beavers, maybe make their diet less human too? I know beavers are herbivores, so add some plants from river or leaves plantations or something. Don't have them eat BREAD or BAKED POTATOES like us pesky humans!

2. Game mechanic wise, it would be nice if there are ways to either:

    a). prioritize certain work. During the first run, all of my beavers were busy chopping tree and no on bothered to build the water thing, so all of them died of thirst. If I could bump the job priority, this could have been prevented.

    b). assign workers to workplaces. This is more desirable, yet would open another can of worms. I notice that workers will go back to their lodging at night and walk back to their workplace in the morning. Naturally I would like my workers live near their workplaces. The most ideal situation is that I can micro-manage each individual worker and assign them to specific workplaces, but that seems to be a lot of coding. Or the game can have that built in logic, automatically assign the worker lives the nearest.

3. I LOVE the idea of hydro-powered machineries! But where are the DAMs? Please add dams to the game and make that a power source too! I wonder if the game would add steam power as well. STEAM PUNK BEAVERS sound really cool, yet it maybe too much of a lapse from hydropower to steampower, and it doesn't really fit the art style.

4. Speaking of art style, please make the buildings more beaver-y. Right now all seem to be generic log cabins.

5. More building categories maybe? Right now there are only:

    a). houses (only one type, two adult + one kid, please add more housing types)

    b). science buildings (inventors' XXX, and paper mills)

    c). living essentials (three kinds of food and their refineries, water pumps)

    d). construction material producers (foresters, planks and gears)

    e). morale boosters (decors, monuments, social gatherings)

    f). roads and stuff

I can't think of any as of now, but please add something that is more beaver-y!

6. All in all, love the game so far, would like to see it improve further! Please feel free to contact me via discord (Qin <Eisenstein>)!

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I also would love to be able to prioritize specific buildings to have beavers staffed to help manage bottlenecks in production as well as to prevent starvation from occurring. 

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