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Assign beavers specific jobs.

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Hey I love the game! Really my only issue is that I can't assign specific jobs to beavers. I'd love a feature where I could click on a beaver and then click on a building and the beaver would go there and start working within the radius of that buildings effective area.

As it stands right now in order to get beavers far away from the town center I have to build roads, log piles, houses, and work camps to get beavers far afield. This consumes huge amounts of resources and time. Then I have to pause buildings and un-pause other buildings to get them to move around. It's a real hassle.

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+1 on this.
Some ways to handle this :

Also is there a user manual ? I still am unclear on why some buildings aren't operated. It says no worker in range, tried to make lodging in front of it, doesn't solve it so must have missed something here.



  • allow selecting a beaver and assign it to a building
  • allow setting a priority level on buildings
    • allow conditional priorities, eg disactivate this if water or food are below a treshold
  • allow setting worker affinities (this one will work at pump first. if no pump jobs then farm, ...)
  • make the engine smarter and prioritize food/water production
  • make the range of each worker wiible when selected so we can understand which buildings they will/won't work
  • when a building is selected show 'worker appeal range' so we can understand where to place lodgings to make that building activated
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I agree.. we need to be able to assign jobs.. also job priority.. I lost a game when the beavers running the water pumps died and couldnt reassign beavers to the pumps when the wet season returned.


a wiki would be nice too.. I had to look at the demo images on the advertisement to figure out what I needed to know


Loading times seem a bit long too


all in all I will definitely be getting this game when it comes out.. it is enjoyable and exactly what I was looking to play.. I just wish it was coming soon or sooner.. even soonest.. heh

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