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Suggestion: Assign Priorities, Policies, and Corn

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I wanted to throw out a few of my ideas for what i consider an already awesome title. I looked around to see if any of these were mentioned already and i could only find the first two so i decided more voices saying the same thing cant be too bad.

1. Research is painfully slow. I'm not necessarily saying that it needs to be less but that it would be nice to see a way to buff it (maybe through a policy? see below)

2. I feel like building costs are a little steep, especially for the amount of builders and wood cutters you can have per flag

3. Allow power shafts to be elevated so our beavers and roads can pass under them instead of walling off sections of town

4. make a way to clear stumps for additional wood

5. tweak the growth timer for food and production. i fell like the food takes a really long time. an entire forest can regrow before a carrot

6. Add corn. I just like the thought of beavers munching down on a delicious ear of corn. could also be used for fuel?

7. Add job and build priorities. I had a time or two where my little guys were facing down starvation and a quick move of a food flag would have kept me alive but when i tried to build the food gatherer it was at the back of the line behind some roads and a couple houses. i had to demolish those to get the food building built and even then it wasn't really urgent. It would be nice to have an emergency build that focused your builders attention on that project or something of the sort.

8. Policies or town edicts. I thought of this because i found myself racing a drought. I was praying my water and food would last through the drought... it didn't. I was thinking that if there was a food or water rationing edict it would help. there could also be other polices like crop fertilizer, population control, leisure activities, etc. The list could go on.

I think you folks are doing a great job and have made a really great concept and i cant wait to see what the future holds for this Timberborn!

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