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Patch notes February catch-up – demo fixes, more music & dynamite, in-game tips


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it's been hectic time and we didn't post the notes for the last few demo patches. Here's the catch-up!

Patch notes 2021-02-15 (hotfix)

  • Restored last week’s two fixes: the game should no longer crash when hitting CTRL+H in the main menu or when opening Settings on machines with more exotic GPUs.
  • “Fuel cycles left” in building descriptions has been replaced with a simpler “Fuel remaining: X%“.
  • Other minor changes in building descriptions.

"Patch notes" 2021-02-12

We had to temporarily revert yesterday’s hotfix patch because the patch introduced a bug which caused hitting Enter to restart the game.

Patch notes 2021-02-11 (hotfix)

  • The game no longer crashes when hitting CTRL-H in main menu.
  • The game no longer crashes when opening Settings on computers with certain more exotic GPUs.

Patch notes 2021-02-05 (hotfix)

  • Fixed campfires not burning.

Patch notes 2021-02-04 – More music!

We continue updating the game with the music composed for us by talented Zofia Domaradzka!

  • Added a new in-game music track to the game.

Patch notes 2021-02-03 – More dynamite!

Today’s minor balancing patch makes it easier to blow things up and experiment with terraforming in the demo.

  • Reduced the science cost of Dynamite from 150 to 20.
  • You now start the game with 15 Explosives in your Small Warehouse.

Patch notes 2021-02-02 – In-game tips

While it is not a fully-fledged tutorial, we heard your requests for a little assistance in starting the beaver colony. There you go!

  • Added an additional window that displays in-game tips for beginners. This micro-tutorial tracks your progress and updates accordingly.
  • This window may be turned off. You may re-open it via Settings.

Bug fixes

  • Size of the arable (green) areas is no longer affected by the depth of adjacent water bodies.
  • Fixed a few issues with the new audio that caused the game to increase the speed of music or play the tracks in the wrong order.


  • Added macOS notarization.
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