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Lategame ideas volcano, toxic water, pirates

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First of all I'm enjoying the game a lot so far, played for 4h yesterday without noticing the time passing so quickly, that hasn't happened in a bit for me.
And although the game started lagging quite badly as you already know after 70 beavers(popup message), only a crash at around 100 stopped me eventually from playing last night. I went to bed and still couldn't stop thinking about the game, that's how good it is. So here's a couple of Ideas.

At the moment it feels to me there isn't a real endgame other than setting up posts and expanding to the outside of the map for metal. and making beavers happier. So I thought something else the beavers would have to fight against would be nice.
I came up with 3 Ideas:

  1.  Lava
    A volcano on the map near the end of the map(water line)
    the volcano would spew out lava once in a while which would flow to the end of the map or mix with water
    the lava would dry out the land in long(9?) tile range and set stuff on fire next to it
    if it hits water on the way there it could create stone and divert flow from created stone walls.
    maybe even make that stone mineable to create stronger beaver stone walls, for stronger walls and also to divert lava flow, since wooden beaver walls would burn
  2. Toxic waste water
    after 10 - 15 seasons periodicly toxic water would come out of the fountain instead of the normal water wet season
    it would have a longer inform the player timer where the player is informed about the next wave being toxic and to make preparations
    it would have a nice neon yellow glowing color
    toxic effect would spread and kill plants/trees toxic water isn't drinkable
    hopefully this would lead to the player making a separate channel to divert the toxic flow away from the colony to the end of the map where it would flow out or have it stored
    adding water gates would be nice, it would need mechanical power connection to open and close like setting a beaver powered wheel on and off to switch between states
    toxic water, first seen as negative it would also bring an advantage, combining it with lava would create metal ore, making metal also replenishable. Although it would require quite some effort to get the fluids to mix in digging the right channels and also mining it without burning or polluting beavers
  3. Pirates
    another sporadic event like toxic water, where pirates would show up, this one would not be announced to the player beforehand though
    pirates would ship down stream and break dams by ramming them repeatedly with their ships and steal beavers capturing them and taking them with them outside the map if not stopped with defenses
    pirates could also torch down buildings while pillaging after landing somewhere
    some defensive structures would deal with pirates like towers that shoot arrows at the pirates ships or you could divert the water stream with pirates with the water gates maybe even water traps, maybe a beaver militia building
    also stone dams would be stronger against ship ramming

Other than those late game options, id like to see a couple of quality of life improvements. Double clicking buildings to select multiple of the same type to add policies, like emptying smaller water tanks after researching the big one while not wasting water. Adding water pipes that require mechanical power to pump water up into tank storage or up elevation.
I'm guessing the game still suffers from the same problems City skylines suffers from after a while: Beaver pathing lags every morning and I also think water physics are lagging when you break or create water bodies, it flows over land and lags a lot maybe that's also pathing. Priority for me would be to make the game stable enough to handle more beavers and less loading time would be great, it windows said the game freezes every time it loads right now. Anyways stellar job so far, can't wait until it comes out.

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Thanks for the suggestions! More types of hazards are something that we want to have and that will come to Timberborn over the course of development, that's for sure. 🙂

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