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My best game, I solve doubts if you have them.

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Hello everyone!

I had to comment it, I have finished (again) the demo in the 2nd map, but I had never finished as I have finished in this game...


It amazes me how I got there! Note well that I have a population of over 50 beavers, and while it is true that the water is on its last legs, I'm also about to end the drought. I don't know how, in the last 5 days of the game, they started to breed like crazy, going from 41 to more than 50, a barbarity... 🤣

The only thing I regret is that in the demo it ends from the 2nd drought, because I was about to start running my own explosives. I'll have to wait for them to finish the game so I can juggle again.

I love this part of the fabricators, carpenters and such, they make me so much fun to watch them move around with those little wheels. 🤣


Next steps I would have taken? Probably make water channels between the population to reach further. And at the beginning of the river make a dam and with explosives make water channels that would flow over the upper levels.

Oh, my God! I can't wait to play the Early Access!
(if anyone wants tips or tricks to advance or solutions to doubts, I'll be here without hesitation ^^)




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Well people, in the next game I set out to make the mega dam, and fortunately I was able to finish it ^^



It has taken me more work than I thought, and the poor beavers have been working for a couple of days without a break, they are exhausted. But here is my complete dam. When the drought comes, I will not only have my reservoirs full, but the upper river at 3 levels of water, plus the lower river which I will also block.
I think I will have plenty of water for the entire 2nd drought. 🤣

I encourage you to try this as well, as it gave me a couple of headaches, but I really enjoyed coming up with it and putting it all together.



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This is what my town looked like during the 2nd drought. I have water to give and give away.


Next target? Well, I would like to make a river that runs along the red line until it falls back into the original river.

Developers, could you leave me in the demo a couple of more droughts to see if I can achieve it. 🤣



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Well, after some time of testing and testing, I finally managed to enlarge my dam even more. But to my misfortune, it doesn't fill up. I don't know if it's because I'm on the edge of the map or what, but it doesn't fill up. 😢

At least I am consoled to know that I was able to finish it before the arrival of the 2nd drought... 🤣



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