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Hope It Is Free For People Testing Demo

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I don't agree with the fact that those who downloaded the dema get the game for free. A game advances significantly if it has sales, and right now the biggest candidates to buy the game are those of us who bought the demo and liked it.
The videogame industry advances thanks to purchases, not donations.


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On 2/9/2021 at 4:05 AM, RisingSwell said:

Also, that's more of a planning failure; you did that to yourself.

Any building game that takes itself remotely seriously has a priority feature. You shouldn't have to plan your base in the exact order you want things built. You should be able to set the priorities after the fact, or at the very least, direct individual builders toward building it first.

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On 2/8/2021 at 11:35 AM, cricketchristian513 said:

i think people testing the demo should get the game and btw there needs to be a prioritise button in the build menu because my beavers are dying of thirst and i am trying to get my workers to build the water tank beside the builders hut but they are on the paths i made 

If you actually like the game, you shouldn't mind buying it.

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Certainly the full game shouldn't be free. I would buy it now if it was available to be able to get past the first 2 cycles. I think it's a mistake that they are putting off releasing a full version. They should release a paid full version as it is now and label it a beta version and continue with their plans to improve the game. I'd buy it. The revenue would help them with further developments and they would get more and better feedback.

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I totally agree with you Rock5, I would buy it already even if it was in Beta version, without limit of droughts or as the games were.
If there is something I like is to play a game, give it a pause time, see that they release an update and play again. I love that! 🤣

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