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Some suggestions and feedback (What a surprise!)

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So i've played through the demo on both maps, quite honestly loved it, and i can say i very much enjoyed the experience and i'm very much looking very much forwards to some kind of release in the future that will let me play for longer as well as to watch it grow. So thank you.
Coincidentally, while playing the demo also reminded me a bit of another, older game that i used to play when i was younger: Cultures - Northland, a good part being the wonderful gibberhoc language of your denizens that i'm rather fond of. It had some nice QoL features that would not be out of place in Timberborn. (what do you mean, nothing wrong with using features from other games to make yours better haha)
But i digress, this is a place for suggestions and feedback, so let's get going. In no specific order:

-Of the things i've noted, something that bothered me in the demo was that although you could mirror the lodges you couldn't mirror anything else. There were a couple times where having a mirror option for the buildings would have saved me some trouble. That said, it's a minor issue.

-As others have mentioned, some kind of priority system for building would be nice. Perhaps not something too extensive, but maybe something simple such as a "prioritize" button, like the reverse of the pause button to make your builders and hauler work on it first.
-And on that note, let's toss in a pause/unpause-buildings tool as well. Like the deconstruct tool, but for pausing.

-Recovering resources when destroying a building. Perhaps requiring a builder to disassemble the building to recover some resources, while demolishing instantly destroys it at a loss.
-Additional suggestion, a re-assemble option for moving a building. The builders deconstruct the building into [building]-parts, move them over to the new location, and rebuilds it.

-A way of limiting the production of goods. Such as setting a carpenter to only produce planks until you have X amounts of planks in storage.

-A way to assign your citizens to buildings. Such as assigning a citizen to a specific home, or a specific citizen to a workplace, from a list.
-Along with that, a overview window for your citizens. Where they live, where they work, daily water/food consumption, etc. Could highlight related buildings when hovered over.

-Lumberjacks hut, that like the builders hut, can employ more lumberjacks than a lumberjack post can.

-A mayoral/managerial building or something that allows you to set how many resources/beavers you want. Beavers will seek to multiply until the number is reached, then stop.
-Could be just a list/window as well.

-'Upgraded' versions of the roads, if only decorative. Lumber/stone/metal paths, etc. (when in the building view the square blocks of the roads looks nice so maybe something like that.) in the same vein, wall upgrades to channels to give them a nice lumber/stone/metal look.

-A small nitpick, but i feel as if one log should produce multiple planks. Either having multiple planks be produced, or rename 'plank' to 'planks' to imply a multitude.

-More beaver diversity, males and females having different looks and voices perhaps.

Water-related suggestions/feedback:

-Some way of clearly conveying that the water is polluted, and therefore not swimmable. Perhaps something like a green tinge at the edges, or a slight tint to make it look unappealing.

-Perhaps a way of seeing how much a body of water holds, as well as the evaporation rate during a dry-season. Maybe as a measuring post placed at the edge.

-A way of pumping in-world water higher would be useful, such as for carrying water to higher points of the map. Likely requiring hp to function. Perhaps some kinda Archimedes Screw Pump would work, maybe limited by the need for metal in it's construction.

-The ability to build aqueducts or channels for transporting water over long distances for those big maps.

-Powered water-pumps. Pipes (wooden pipes are a thing!) perhaps, requiring hp to pump water through. perhaps pipes can't connect to small towers, but can connect to large ones.

-A swimming pool as a fun source. Could be built as either one building like the carousel, or perhaps with expandable tiles like in The Sims. Consumes a lot of water to fill, but allows the beavers to revel and enjoy a swim in clean, unpolluted water for a chance and live out the call of their distant ancestors. warningbeaverbathwaternotfitforconsumption.
-Waterparks would also be nice, with water-slides included of course.

Anyways that'll be it for now. Looking forwards to see what comes.

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I just realized as i went to bed that the channels/swimming pool ideas could be merged.
Just use dynamite to blast a hole in the ground, cover the walls and floor with lumber/stone/metal, and you have a reservoir ready to store water! Might need an water-emptying post for the beavers to haul water over to it however. if you want to get the water out you just need to add a pump.
The channel covering would prevent evaporation during the dry-season, but also doesn't irrigate the land around it. Potentially, how little it evaporates/irrigates could depend on the material; lumber halves the numbers, stone even more, and metal for none.
And lastly, to let beavers use it for fun you just need to place down a swimming-pool ladder or marker/swimming-wear hut for the beavers to change in and presto, you've got a pool. Since the pump filters out any contaminants you could probably still use it on a pool, but i'd assume the beavers would only want to bathe if there was enough water there.

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On 2/7/2021 at 8:16 PM, TheLordEternal said:

"Water related suggestions"

Done some additional thinking on this subject and expanded on it a bit. (it felt kinda lackluster.)

Wooden pipes, bound with metal hoops. Carries water through so long as there's pressure provided by pumps.
A downside of the pipes is that they don't connect directly to small tanks. (Although they may connect to large tanks.)
(Pressure could simply be a flat number for all connected pipes that decreases with distance and outputs.
A pipe with high pressure transfers a lot of water, a pipe with low pressure transfers only a little amount of water.
Basically the amount of pressure in the pipe is the amount of water being transferred per second.
Provides a limiter and prevents just building one long pipe to pump water from one end of the map to the other.)

-Advanced/Powered Pumps:
These pumps require a supply of hp to run, but in return produce more water than a normal pump, and is capable of pulling up water from more than 1 z-level below itself, making them useful for multi-tile deep reservoirs.
(alternatively, you could construct additional inlet shafts below the intake to extend the pump's depth instead.)
Since they are automatic, the pumps need to be connected directly through pipes into a large tank to deposit water.

-Pressure Station:
Advanced pumps produce some pressure when they output, but for water to go farther you would need a pressure station. The station's pump maximizes the pressure in the output pipe. Could require either manual labor or hp to work.

If pipes are too much for the setting, an alternative is to simply use wooden channels instead.
It is a bit enticing, as you'd be able to see the water flowing through them (as well as how much), and a angular channel would additionally provide a nice distinction to the cylindrical shafts, making it easy to tell them apart at a glance.

A open-ended section that deposits water directly into the world.
Can be used to move water elsewhere or to simply fill a lake or reservoir.

-Water-Emptying Spot:
A post which basically tells the beavers to carry and dump water in the spot ahead.
Easy and cheap to use, but takes a lot of manual labor which can be better used elsewhere.

A weaker version of the irrigation tower.
Consumes less water, but only irrigates a small area around itself.

And that's about how much more i've thought. Will probably end up adding to it later if i think up anything more.

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Something i suddenly realized, Instead of Stone being a material progression resource you could have Clay!
After all, clay is both very useful and versatile, both in fired and plain forms. A perfect natural resource for beavers.

You could easily have clay be formed/harvestable in soil that has had direct contact with water then drained/dried, which would make dry seasons quite useful as every time it began you'd have fresh deposits of clay waiting in the riverbed you could harvest before the next wet season began.

eventually, if you could build sluices to control water-flow, you could easily directly control the creation of clay as well by opening the sluices and letting the water in then closing them and letting it dry out for fresh clay.
To balance, perhaps irrigation towers doesn't make clay, requiring you to make use of rivers for your supply.

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  • Developers

Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions! As we mentioned in the development update, better work prioritization is coming 100%, and we'll be doing our best to use as much demo feedback as possible over time. 🙂

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