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Beavers shifting water from tank to tank?

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This game, I built a few small water tanks right next to each other to prepare for the dry season. At one point, rather than go get new water, the beavers were choosing to shift water around from those five tanks. this resulted in them filling a couple to 100% by using the other tanks water, then they went back and took that water to even all the tanks out so they were the same height. Not really sure what to say about that, but it feels like a bug?

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I think only idle beavers do it though. It's especially annoying when you see beavers moving stuff from one to another and other beavers moving the same stuff in the other direction. There needs to be some sort of balance here or better logic to reduce beaver wasted time.

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What I always see is that they make a balance of materials, whether it's wood or water, between the different types of warehouses. I don't see it so bad, because in some games I have had my main warehouses in the city, and other separate ones for other water collectors, and thanks to that in the city there was always water.
With wood, what I have done other times is to manage the space. In the main warehouse I left everything as it was, and in the secondary one I put a limit of 20 or 30 logs, and the beavers managed them.
You can always put some deposit or warehouse in "empty everything" so that they do not take more materials there, and thus not to have everything so distributed.

Best regards!


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