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December 12, 2019 Update

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The new build is now live!
It's taken us an unusually long three weeks but the update brings a lot of shiny new stuff:

The newly added Haulers carry two times more weight than a regular beaver. They assist workshops in transporting goods and by doing so they dramatically improve the performance of your production chain. Haulers also form the basis for future warehouse management features.

The underlying logistics system has also been redesigned. Most notably, beavers now collect goods directly from other buildings. For example, if there is bread in a Bakery or planks in a Carpenter, they can be picked up even before they are delivered to a warehouse.

Emptying storages!
Long overdue, you can now mark a building to be emptied.

Improved performance!
The game has been optimized on two fronts:
• Graphics - which means you should see a much better FPS than before or be able to play on lower-end GPUs.
• Processor usage - which means you can grow your population to a much higher level.

Overall the game should run smoothly up to 400 beavers or more, depending on your hardware.

New sounds!
Multiple buildings, including most workshops, now emit sounds.

New models!
A number of buildings have been redesigned: Lido, Water wheel, Shafts, Scaffoldings and Footbridges.

Home and workplace information
After selecting a beaver, you can now see where it lives and works.

• Most shafts no longer require gears or science points.
• Inventor's Hut is now 50% more efficient.
• Wheat field's yield has been increased from 70 to 100.
• Potato field's yield has been increased from 40 to 45.

Bug fixes:
• Forester no longer forgets its settings after saving, thanks @Milo#9630
• Forester now correctly plants trees on neighbouring tiles, thanks @Milo#9630
• Buildings now report the correct number of incoming beavers

As usual, anyone can play the alpha now as explained here.



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