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How to report bugs


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Automated crash reports

When the game crashes, it generates a ZIP file with log files and a save game. You should be presented with a crash screen:


If you see the above screen, we recommend that you use the Send error report button. That way everything we need to investigate the problem is instantly delivered to our team. That's it!

Sending a bug report manually

Sometimes you will not be able to send us a report using the crash screen, for example:

  1. When the game does not start at all due to hardware issues.
  2. When the game does not crash but something does not work the way it should.

In those situations the best way to notify the dev team about a bug is to report it in the bug and suggestion tracker:

>> Bug and Suggestion Tracker <<

In some cases, our team might need your save games and log files. Please send them to logs@mechanistry.com.

The following will help us tackle the issue:

  1. Include the most recent save game, Player.log and screenshots.
  2. If you know how to reproduce the error, please send us detailed steps.
  3. Make sure it has not been reported by somebody else. If it has, reply to the existing thread.
  4. If you also reported the problem in the Bug and Suggestion Tracker, please include a link.

You can access the save games folder manually by clicking Load game > Browse directory. The button opens file explorer in the correct folder.

To access log files or to locate the save games manually, follow the instructions below.

On Windows save games are located here:


 and log files are located here:


On macOS save games are located here:


And log files are here:


Note that the AppData (Windows) and Library (macOS) directories might be hidden in your file browser.



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