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Timberborn Review:

Wow, this game is in great shape for an alpha build!  It's stable and functional and in the hours that I have played it I have only found one bug (and that's just an aesthetic bug).  It's also already fun, which is a good sign.  There's clearly a lot of love and care put into this game, I was especially impressed by the way the game updates the gears at the power linkages so that the axles will always be rotating the correct direction at their source & destination. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this one as it develops, can't wait to see what you all do with it.


List of suggestions:

1) The first thing the game needs is more game.  IMO, the game definitely needs 2 or 3 more "tech" levels of buildings with some complicated 4 or 5 step production lines. Something that would be a challenge for a stable beaver city to manufacture.

2) More things to do with the power system. The power system is really cool and I had a lot of fun building out giant shaft chains but ultimately its unnecessary at the moment.  Most of your power needs can currently be met by just attaching the buildings directly to a water wheel. More complexity in here would be great. Buildings that need to be build away from the river (for example a mechanical pump water well)  or buildings that need more power than a single wheel can generate would be great ways to encourage the player to engage with the system.

3) Storage management QoL improvements.  I would love to have more control over my warehouses. Things like 1)designating which materials are allowed in a given warehouse or 2) marking warehouses as deposit only (for building up emergency food supplies and 3) giving orders to empty out a given warehouse.

4) More stats! everyone loves charts and graphs! I would love to be able to track things like production/consumption rates and population growth.

5) and finally: the one bug i found:   if you build a water wheel on the far side of the river it spins in the wrong direction.



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Hi @Driftwood thanks for the review! Kudos for noticing the trickery with shafts, it is a somewhat mind-bending piece of code 😉

We've taken note of all your comments - some of the features you suggested are already implemented in our internal build, we are hoping to release it within days.

The game is still very rough around the edges, and we do intend to add a lot more content. So far we've focused on adding the most crucial systems but now that those are behind, we should be able to start adding more of the cool stuff.

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