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Patch notes 2021-01-26 - Demo!


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Hello everyone!

The first-ever demo of Timberborn is here – now everyone and their beaver can get a taste of Timberborn! If you’ve been following Timberborn already, here’s a list of what’s changed compared to the now-retired closed beta build.

Speaking of which – if you're a closed beta player, for technical reasons you may get a message from Steam that your Timberborn beta key has been revoked, but you should be able to continue playing since the demo is public. If there are problems let us know.


Preview demo
The demo can only be played on two maps and your goal is to survive… long enough. The map editor will also be available in the full version only. You’ll have to figure out the exact limits of the demo yourselves. 😉

  • The demo ends after a few wet/dry cycles
  • You can play on two unique maps: Plains (256x256) and Canyon (128x128)
  • The map editor is not available in the preview demo
  • Some buildings are not available in the preview demo

New year, new beavers
We sneakily showed the back of the new beaver model last week, and now you can see it from all angles! The new beaver model is now in the game and it's amazing!

  • Replaced the old beaver model with a new one
  • Replaced the young beaver model with a new one (!)
  • Replaced the in-game beaver portraits

Beaver factions
Races are out, factions are in! The new beavers now conglomerate as unique factions with their own style and look.

  • Removed the old beaver races (Common Beaver, Eager Beaver, Fancy Beaver)
  • Added beaver factions — Beavers of Demoria are here only for the demo, but The Iron Teeth will appear in the Early Access along with one other faction. For Early Access launch, expect truly unique factions with exclusive buildings etc.
  • New gorgeous illustrations of the beaver factions in the faction choice screen

New main menu visuals
As the development progresses, we want the game to look better and better, and for the demo, we have completely revamped the main menu!

Audio updates

We're working with Zofia Domaradzka to bring you some amazing tracks to grace your ears while playing.

  • Added two new music tracks
  • Added a sound effect that plays when the "dry season incoming" notification starts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused beavers to stay in one place for long periods of time
  • Fixed a bug where buildings wouldn't show their range
  • Fixed a bug where thirsty beavers wouldn't go to drink
  • Fixed an issue with Gear Workshop consuming energy while paused
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