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Timberborn demo is here!


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You’ve been asking us to make Timberborn available to a larger audience. So, how about just letting everyone play? We've just released our first-ever, time-limited demo – just in time for Steam Game Festival starting next week! 🥳

What's in the demo?

While the Timberborn demo replaces closed beta, the included scenario gives you a dam good idea of what our beaver city-builder is going to be around the Early Access launch:

  • Irrigation – using both rivers and artificial water sources such as canals and irrigation towers, beaver water engineers keep the ground arable.
  • Dams and terraforming – you can experiment with Timberborn’s water physics by putting up modular dams, digging emergency reservoirs with dynamite, etc.
  • Stackable architecture – in Timberborn, many buildings can be placed atop one other, creating multi-level megastructures and saving limited space.
  • Lumberpunk – the evolved beavers erect buildings and craft machinery using wood and metal scavenged from human ruins.
  • Wellbeing – while the drought is the main threat in the demo, every simulated colonist has a series of needs such as Hunger, Comfort, or Spirituality you need to satisfy.

The demo is a more curated experience, aimed for a wide spectrum of players, even those less familiar with the city-building genre. Some features, such as the map editor, are disabled, and we had to cut on the sandbox-y freedom of large maps where all buildings are available.

For those who had played the game in the past, it’s a perfect opportunity to see the progress Timberborn has made. Heck, you’ll see and hear something new even if you played the game yesterday – how about the all-new beaver models? New music? Refreshed menus? Fixed bugs?


Yup! Gone are the days of our beavers impersonating Mr Potato Head!

Detailed patch notes can be found here.

Demo availability

The demo is available in English only. For early access launch, Timberborn will be available in eleven languages. You already know about English, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese versions, but we're also adding Italian, Korean and Japanese translations!

The demo is available on Steam until February 16th, 2021 – a week after Steam Game Festival ends. As we continue preparing Timberborn for the Early Access, however, we might hold additional tests in the future, be it in the updated demo or by hosting special playtest events.

CLOSED BETA PLAYERS: for technical reasons you may get a message from Steam that your Timberborn beta key has been revoked, but you should be able to continue playing since the demo is public. If there are problems let us know.

How to play Timberborn Demo?

To download the demo, simply go to Timberborn's updated Steam page and click the button at the top of the game's description.

After you have played, share your feedback with us here or on our Discord, and spread the word!

Happy building!

February 16th, 2021 UPDATE - The demo is going to stay on Steam for a while. Please read our development update >>here<<.

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  • Developers
On 29.01.2021 at 1:06 AM, Robin85 said:

Is it normal that the second dry season takes approximately 5 times longer then the first in the demo? I've had to restart 4 times by now, by the end of second dry season all my beavers are dead.

Shortly speaking, yes 🙂

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On 1/28/2021 at 6:06 PM, Robin85 said:

Is it normal that the second dry season takes approximately 5 times longer then the first in the demo? I've had to restart 4 times by now, by the end of second dry season all my beavers are dead.


On 1/30/2021 at 2:06 PM, pmduda said:

Shortly speaking, yes 🙂

on my second run i lost most of my beavers near the beginning due to they wouldnt make the dang pump, but by the 2nd dry season i had built a small dam and had been able to collect water ~1/2 of the dry season. so by the end of the season i had ~535 water and ~30 food, so i wish you could continue playing after dry season 2

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awesome game, i love the demo, the only bad thing is, that i can not buy the game right now. i just wanna keep going. the first 2 dryseasons are a joke for me allready, from playthrough to playthrough i optimized my strategy to the point that i barely notice those 2 dryseasons anymore.

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As many have already said, I am in love with this game. I loved the demo, and while it's true it still has some bugs to fix, I really like the mechanics, the style is amazing, I love it.

When do you plan to release the early access? Because I have it on my wishlist in 1st position and I can't wait to play it 🤤

Greetings and great job!

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