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Just finished first playthrough, here are my top 10 impressions:


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1) The drought system was unexpectedly fun.  I was worried about droughts during the tutorial, knowing that they progressively get worse.  I am glad this game didn't turn out to be a "survive for as long as you can" simulator, and it is mostly a handicap for the first 6 or so cycles.  Text was a little unclear.

2) Build limits provided a fun challenge and the concept of different headquarters partitioned off for different communities was fun and interesting.  Slightly frustrating the builder and hauler huts did not seem to expand these build limits, what does +100% strength mean?  Would be nice to have expansion options that do not include adjacent headquarters, maybe more of a choice in initial map location too.

3) Landscaping can be underutilized.  I understand that dynamite is meant to be an end game unlock, but dynamite to blow through dirt is a little silly and grindy.  Should be slower / easier ways to dig (hell, start us off with 10 dynamite so we can make some beginning-game adjustments?).  I like how placing paths is instant, some other "placement" activities may be more fun if instant, like placing leisure buildings, landscaping, or dynamite.

4) I love the idea of a technology "race" and a starter "race".  Very excited to see new and varied races with dynamic playstyles.  I think a lot of these "would be great to have" ideas would be fun as a racial benefit, such as a beavers that can build aqueducts to funnel water.

5) Might be interesting to lock some technologies behind a population wall and others around a technology wall.  This would help flesh out the end game where the player would struggle to expand his population while also increasing food, water, lumber, and power availability doing the typical end-game decorating.  Would be really fun to eventually build to a completely PACKED map with advanced water and food technologies.  For example, when you hit 25/50/100 population, unlock buildings that reduce hunger or produce rations.

6) Art, atmosphere, music, and UI are all very pleasant.  Would love to see more maps / map variations, different features or rare minerals.  A way to dig and implement caves would be fun--since we are limited in the X/Y dimensions having more creative options for Z-axis growth could be a lot of fun.

7) Is there a story?  Every good game deserves a story.  Humanity was wiped out by global warming, there are now only vicious spacefaring beavers that pump water into barrels for fun.  They eventually build a water barrel powered spaceship and launch themselves off the planet, the end.

8 ) Difficulty curve felt nonlinear.  Really difficult to get a food/lumber farm up and running, but one I had adequate water storage and a dam with a decent stockpile of lumber I was okay.  Was still learning--watching my beaver population die out several times over before I learned how to properly manage water was fun.  The game does a good job of teaching the basics but "not handholding", but would like to not waste a ton of resources guessing how to best use a building.  Research felt similar--a couple critical early game unlocks, then wait for 1000 or 12000 science to build something big.

9) I want to look up builds other players have made, but I also want to try exploring for myself.  Would be nice to have a splash, load, or wait screen that highlighted a curated set of other players creations to help stoke ideas while not spoiling the fun of discovery.

10)  Some sort of trading system or market may be fun for those of us that want every type of food but don't know how we will find enough farmland to stockpile potatoes.  Why are potatoes so difficult to grow in bulk? Why do you need to grill potatoes on a standalone grill that doesn't produce that many?  It's a potato!  Would be interesting to see neutral beaver factions that you can trade with or that provide challenges / quests / bonuses.

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