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Lategame position 400 eager beavers 11 and terraforming

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Overall as stated before, in the end resources are no longer an issue, so balance needs work. Eager beavers felt not different from regular beavers. Just saying. The main issue for me is procreation, can't build homes for everyone or unrestricted population explosion kills me.

The goal was actually not the beaver unlock (that just happened in the end because it was easy) but trying how far the landscape could be transformed. So beavers migrated far upriver. Overall some praise - I did not have a single crash. With too many beavers and water works, framerate dropped and 7x was no longer playable, but even the 422 agents did quite well on 3x. One or two times I switched down to 1x. 

Some more statistics would be good to finetune production, but it worked well enough. Also logistics, production, irrigation etc. so I got the explosives from production site(s) to usage areas quite nicely. Dynamite has no distance limit both up- and downwards, is this intended? This means I can place dynamite 3 blocks up or blast downwards to the floor without building means of access. At least downwards this is true for the whole terraforming and platform stuff.

With a really widespread position, lack of visualization or access improvement was hard. I can't e.g. let me display coverage on the map (needs, storage) or find workshops or depots, e.g. by circling through a building type. Mini map for better orientation and maybe to jump to another POI. Maybe mark buildings or places with shortcuts to jump there (ctrl-digit, digit).  I usually terraformed at two spots in parallel to reduce waiting times.

Access to ruins only from ground - unexpected. I flooded some ruins and thought (1) I could place scavenger hut besides on platforms (I can't, ground only) and (2) I can scavenge at least the protruding upper blocks from adjacent platforms  (I can't either). 


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