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Terrible tutorial

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I just wanted to say the tutorial is really bad and was hard to figure out what I need to do to get started. I'm not here to bash I just want to state that as I was really excited to get into this game but had a hard time due to unclear instructions. I had to look up youtube videos for clearer instructions and where things should be places.

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Id be up for a bump to improve the tutorial. if its going to be super short, it should focus on the priorities the beavers need in an order of princaple. i would do 

  • water
  • food
  • babies (plz only suggest 1 house or 2, warning that too many for folktails will consume too much food and water and u will die
  • at this point i'd suggest a dam, require 1 dam tile only or have them place dams in a specific place to stop the water for draining in a draught
  • science = forestry. i always find this part stressful, but u *need* to open the forester before u can replant. so require 1 science building to be built as soon as the dams are done (or before?) to unlock needed tech, then require them to unlock the forestry when it is done before moving on.
  • forestry and plant trees.

at that point the game is fairly stable. perhaps just a warning that too many beavers will eat/drink all ur food water and a warning that the draughts will get worse. soon they will need a bigger dam to hold more water. and just leave it there. and perhaps a reward for following it? like collect 100 bread or books or something.

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Yup, after finishing getting the tutorial done I was immediately hit by a drought and everyone died. I wasn't even aware that a drought was a thing. So either make the 1st drought short just so we learn that is a hardship and you need to prepare or actually talk about it on the tutorial and teach how to avoid it. 

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