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Moosum steep [156]x[256] "story map"


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Moosum Steep.timber



Your Colony arrives exhausted at the edge  of the Canyon, A small cave being just perfect to set up your home, though the nearby stream might be a pain to damn the river across the way is a bounty few dream of seeing. A place that in time would be the scientific hub of the beaver kind if your leaders are to be believed for on the cliff is a place known as the Moosum a Hooman building which is said to have untold treasures hidden in its depths, Sure scholars are looking to extract the books and artifacts from said ruins to learn the hoomans secrets and how to avoid their downfall, but other forces have plans as well. Iron tails see that old Moosum in its parts as a source of iron the likes of which no beaver has seen.

Which path will you take? Be the folktails working to build a colony and find the secrets of this land? or The Iron teeth wanting to exploit the metal bellow it?


Either way this structure is your objective reach it and reap the rewards of its forgotten relics be they as knowledge or iron.


And while you are at it clear the blocked river and let life flow through this valley once more.





1. build a colony that has 1,000 beavers

2. clear the blockages and allow water to flow

3. make a grand dam that provides a large amount of water

4. Colonize the two halves of the moosum and expliot them for their resources.



Hoomun "lore"

The grand River watch, Museum built in the later years of humanity this nature reserve and learning center was designed to teach the last generations about what they where loosing. Sadly humanity didn't heed the warnings given by the Scientists and researchers running the place instead ignoring them and blocking the very rivers these hard working folks wanted to protect now all that is left is a dying stream.




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I played in normal Folktails and enjoyed it.

This has a really tight starting area with a short river and a tall cliff.  The useful area is very small but can be massively increased as soon as levees are learned. First pic below.

After that there are no major problems.  This map could be expanded to a very large colony.  I will not do it as I tend to prefer the early and mid game.

The river does not look like much, but will support 3 water wheels with almost 600HP so it can support a surprising amount of industry.  Metal is available without a new district.  The upper plateau has trees and water, but I decided to not develop it and concentrate on the wide river valleys.

I did not try this one in hard mode.

Deep reservoirs would be more difficult to make for hard mode.  The second pic shows deepening of the reservoir to make a long drought survivable.

Screenshot (415).jpg

Screenshot (457).jpg

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On 1/21/2022 at 5:38 PM, gerryw said:

I did not try this one in hard mode.

Deep reservoirs would be more difficult to make for hard mode.  The second pic shows deepening of the reservoir to make a long drought survivable.



Trying to update the map so it is actually possible on hard mod, so far in my testing surviving past cycle 5 is near impossible for me.

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I have played in normal mode too with Folktails still the end of objectives.

I may have metal but i need to move the district first.

Keep the aquatics fields always alive was not easy finally on this map.

After built the big reservoir between the crevasses , i have noticed than builders may built very deeper but scrapers are unable to collect metal deeper even the path was green??

Make each districts autonomous was very enjoyable and enought long , usuelly i used it only for a specific objective and generally closed it after .

the average well-being was 18.

Good map to play .20220202092227_1.thumb.jpg.69649759382993c035fb074ce150e9cb.jpg20220202092106_1.thumb.jpg.264ca09008c18dd804cb8d1c38d2ecb0.jpg20220202092044_1.thumb.jpg.52465c6458ef83c506224d8d5d85654c.jpg20220202092535_1.thumb.jpg.6859dd5be4011683d449bd442a7fd6e5.jpg20220202092146_1.thumb.jpg.f452f22179b4386da39104ae60b6f688.jpg











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