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A few suggestions


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Playing this game for the first time, I noticed a few things that I think might improve this already incredibly fun game. Here is my list that I've come up with:



Press F to flip/mirror a building - this would be useful for asymmetric buildings such as the basic water pump, the large barrel water storage, and buldings with asymmetrical entrances such as the houses and basic science building. This would give players more creative control over their cities without compromising on the gameplay. Also, this would remove the need to have 2 versions of the basic Folktail home.


Shift click similar buildings - The ability to shift click things in this game would be really nice, especially similar buildings. I would like to be able to select multiple buildings of the same type and be able to adjust the priority/worker count of all at once. Also, double clicking to select all of the same building could also be useful.


Toggle allow/disallow moving resources from workshops to storage - In some cases, workshops will continue to work until all of the base resource is gone. This is especially prevalent with logs and planks. I have had my storage full of planks and had basically no logs to do basic construction. With the ability to enable/disable hauling from workshops to storage, you can set a sort of cap that prevents the workshop from refining all of a resource since workshops can only hold, what, 13 of a refined resource? (i know you can apparently set how much of a resource goes into storage, but it never seems to work for me, and this could be an easier 2nd way to meter production)


More threats - The droughts can be difficult enough on their own, but I would like to see more than one type of threat. The first thing to come to mind would be disease. Maybe beavers can get sick, and you would need a hospital to take care of them?


Freeplay - a freeplay mode with toggleable options so that new and old players alike can test out building strategies and designs without having to slog through a survival game. Some toggleable options would include:

  • Free Buildings
  • Unlocked Tech
  • Immortal Beavers
  • Spawnable Beavers
  • Mixed Factions
  • No Drought
  • Day/Night Only


In-game custom map browser - an integrated "shop" of custom made maps to make downloading more maps easier. Also, although it might be a decent amount of work to implement, a random map generation option would be nice.


Buildings & Aesthetics

Nursery - a nursery building where kits can go to slightly decrease their growth time, as well as keep them from wandering blindly around the town.


Lighting - Maybe add torches/lanterns/tiki torches as a decoration option to light up the night?


2x2 roads have a hole in them - I have noticed that if you place 4 road tiles in a square, there is a hole in between them. This is just an aesthetic suggestion, but I think it would look much better if that hole filled in. Perhaps even L shaped roads, where the road somewhat cuts/rounds the inside corner just slightly. It would give roads a bit more of a natural feel to them.


Angled roofs - This one is a bit tricky to explain, so I will try and use an example from the game. You can build a 1x1 triangle roof on a 1x1 space. You can put that roof onto platforms to make a kind of awning that the beavers can walk under that looks appealing. When going up a level while doing this, these awnings create a kind of stair stepped pattern that looks inorganic. It would be nice if there was a roof type that angled upward, similar to the stairs, but kept the triangle roof aesthetic. This would make awnings more visually appealing while traversing vertically up staircases, and could have other uses in building.


Already Mentioned

I know these have already been posted in other threads, and I have gone and upvoted those. However, I will mention them here as well because I very much agree with these ideas.


Auto lose when all beavers die - pretty self explanatory


Refund deconstruction/redistribute storage if resources inside - Again, pretty self explanatory. A partial refund for deconstructing buildings, and if there are resources inside that building, they get redistributed to other storage areas before complete deconstruction.


These are just a few of my personal thoughts on what could improve the game. Honestly, it is quite fun as is but I figured I might as well shoot my shot! Thanks for reading!

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