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Versus Mode (Competing for resources)

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Two or more competing players, each with a section of the map that they can build on, and a central source of food and water. You can't produce your own food, only harvest from the same blueberry patch and stream as your opponent.

The more efficiently you use your time and resources, the better you'll do and the more beavers you'll be able to support. The more beavers you can support, the more resources you can gather, haul, store, etc.

Gradually, the more skilled player takes up more and more of the limited resources, leaving their opponent with a smaller and less competitive population. The goal is to leave your opponent without enough resources to survive the next drought. Maybe they lose when they run out of food or water, maybe they lose when their last beaver dies, not sure what would play better.

Just a rough idea, but if fleshed out I think it could turn the existing gameplay loop (minus farming I guess) competitive without having to add combat or crazy new mechanics.

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