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Better shape for large storage

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The triangle shape of the large storage is rather awkward to work with. The narrow strips are too short to build anything useful on it. At the same time, there is no neat matching roof for it either. The small storage allows to neatly stack stuff atop it, making it much more convenient.

Please can we have a large storage that has an useful shape that is in some way stackable without a ton of plaforms all over the place? I'm fine with awkward building shapes if there is some reason for it, but there is no good reason why the beavers should not be able to build a more square storage, 3x3x1, or 3x2x2, or 3x3x2.

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There are actually things you can do with it if you plan your building around it. There is no denying that it is in fact awkward but it is 5x storage, it's supposed to have a downside. Having a perfectly square storage provides no compromise and frankly would make the game less interesting. 

Here are a few things you can try. (Most will assume platforms over the path that gives storage unit access. 

Any faction: build a row of these with 3x2 roof (one with the flat top) filling the low spots. Now you have a rooftop highway.

If you build the small row house between large storage units, the second level becomes a 3x3 flat area on the lower roof. From here you can keep stacking them vertically. (Will need row houses at end of even tiers to not end up with pyramid shape.)

Folk tails: build windmills on the second level. Ground level buildings adjacent to it will be powered up. Can fit one windmill each of you build in the, and gravity battery on backside still fits.

One large storage unit fits fairly snug with three triple lodges and a double lodge. Gives two spots for 1x1 decorations in the back corners assuming path goes around.

Iron teeth: back up storage to 1 level higher cliff or solid buildings at least 3 deep. One engine can now be behind each, and a plank/gear mill between each (second level). 

Alternatively, build an engine on the ground to the side and use the second level to transmit power up a cliff.


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