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So much fun and so much potential

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I love everything about this game. The concept of building vertically and managing water levels is such a cool mechanic. Coming from an RTS fan (AoE and Star Craft2) The few ideas I have are:

1. Market system. Think AoE2 style. Create access to neutral markets that spawn (randomly?) on the map and allow trading resources between districts. The more you use them the more they cost. More efficient routes reduce cost. Water routes greatly reduce cost. Right now there is very little incentive to create new districts other than to micro-manage a 3rd district with tons of iron an no food and pretend that the district next door with 4k wood and 5k food can't spare a bit for some iron.

2. Fog of War. This may be a future campaign thing but not revealing the map and requiring some sort of exploration would add to the excitement of new maps or random gen?? Early resources vs quicker map knowledge. Unless this is intended to be more of a puzzle game (which is great too).

3. Campaign Mode - Roller Coaster Tycoon gave some challenging campaign missions back in the day, I think this game could do the same with the water mechanics.

4. Aquatic farm house should have to be placed in the water. I assumed (wrongly) you had to place it in water only to get a "building is flooded message". The farming it allows is water-based so the structure should be too. ↓↓

5. More aquatic based content. Beavers are excellent swimmers and there could be more building/living/farming mechanics that take advantage of the awesome water physics the game offers (i.e. lodges act as damns or levees and can be built upon ->wider rivers and having to build structures to control currents to better power water wheels.

6. Reduce time/cost of map movement structures (bridges, platforms) but increase cost to get to secondary resources (planks->gears->paper) I think this could expand the difference in the current play styles/factions ->better understanding of your current environment and working to adapt VS earlier ability to force the environment to your will. More early resources vs more early tech.

7. Expand the weather systems.

∙ Add flooding rains and drainage mechanic?

∙ Storms lightning/fire mechanic = beavers with fire fighter helmets!!

I think the verticality of this game is what sets it apart from most games in this genre and I can't wait to see what the next steps are.


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Since the OP of this post had the same idea as the main point in what I'm posting (more water-focused content), I'm adding my post here. Please notify if it belongs somewhere else and please reach out in case of questions.

As a Space Engineers & Factorio & Satisfactory player, of course I would like to see pipes and trains! Also an RTS fan, so I see where OP's coming from 🙂
For Timberborn this would (for a part) deviate too much from what beavers are all about: Water and wood (and food of course).

1. aquaduct / pipe lines.
1.a. some form of aquaduct to move open water through the air. so maybe a type of aquaduct block that can be built on platforms, but can only support 1 level of water flow. So a 1x1x1 block that is U shaped, which connects to open water and similar blocks, much like how roads connect to roads, stairs and slopes.
1.b. Pipe only moves water on the same level, possibly also to lower levels. Moving to higher levels would require the loading points of the pipes to also be on at least that level. Iron Fangs would be able to make metal pipelines, with more throughput, the other factions would have same throughput through their pipes as the water dump building has.
Pipes can be filled with a water dump, or a special similar building. (maybe make the water pumps compatible with the pipes?)
In case pipes are added, each faction (or just some factions) could maybe get a steam engine. It would require a pipeline for water and some fuel (probably logs) to generate power.

2. bulk transport system: carts , trains, canoes. For moving more stuff faster (i.e. from distribution point to drop-off, or for use by haulers (maybe it could be an advanced version of the haulers?) to work more efficiently.
Maybe a canoe and or wooden cart for Folktails and a cart (and possibly some kind of small train) for Iron Fangs?

3. Luxury drink: Cider. A brewery could make this from Maple syrup (or apples?!)
      The brewery/distillery/boiler could be used also too make soup (see for example the suggestions for a new faction, below).

4. A new, more water based faction (River Reavers?).
- Their buildings would be able to be flooded and still function.
- Their food will be based on the water plants mostly (so aquatic farm is unlocked at start, maybe they also have an advanced version of it to unlock with science): Berries are the same for them as for other factions, carrots, potatoes and chestnuts are eaten raw, advanced/luxury food are water plants, but instead of grilled, they make soup of it.
Most luxourious food would be maple syrup soup, with one of the water plants in it + chestnuts.
The other more luxorious soup would be vegie soup, with the other water plant + carrot + potato.
- reproduction is only possible with a nursery chamber, which needs to be flooded. (mechanic in the background could be similar to how Folktails reproduce: check for how much room there is in lodges. In the case of the "River Reavers"(?) it could be checked if there is room in the Nursery Chamber. Any kit that grows up will move to a lodge, but if there's no room there, it will become homeless.
- Their water pumps will be more crude (the bucket lift we saw in earlier versions, so "Water Lift") and require 2 beavers to work efficiently. It can contain more water buckets than the water pump buildings of the other factions, though.
- They will have a basic small water tank, like the other factions and a faction-specific water tank that is bigger but made from only logs and a few planks (a 2x2 building with a ladder to the side), containing 100 water.
- In case pipes are added (see 1.b) the water lift would be able to fill that.
- In case bulk transport is added (see 2), the vehicle for this faction would be a canoe or raft, with which they can freely move over water (or just on set routes), with more goods than one beaver can carry.
- mining would be manual labor focused as well and the mines are also accessible when flooded.
the mining would require logs and the smelting would be done in crude smelters at first, with a more advanced smelter (unlockable with science) which also requires metal to build, and which is still crude. Both smelters do not need horsepower, just fuel (logs probably).


Inspiration was taken from this page:
Beaver Facts - Animal Facts Encyclopedia
Mostly for the water-focus and Nursery Chamber.

Of course, these are just ideas & suggestions. I would love to exchange further ideas, but it's up to you of course.
I already quite love the game as is and can't wait to see how it develops. Cheers!

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I couldn't speed through because I love watching the beavers work.  My kids were so excited when each new baby was born and made us name every single beaver we started with.  There was a somber moment when "Bob" our oldest beaver finally died of old age.  This is easily the best game the three of us have played together and I foresee several hours spending together cultivating our own little beaver society.

Thanks for the work you have done thus far and I can't wait to see where you take the game in the future.

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