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Canyon map back pressure

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On canyon map water enters over several tiles, but there are 2 regular tiles 1 level lower than the riverbank besides the spawn points. See screenshot at the right border.

If I build a dam downriver up to river bank level, water actually flows backwards over these lower tiles, out of the map. As a consequence the river current is no longer strong enough to power the water wheel or get over another dam downriver, which is why I noticed it in the first place.


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Hi braggi!
Thank you for letting us know! The issue is now fixed (the 2 tiles you mention are now 1 level higher, and some tiles around are shuffled so it looks a bit nicer) and should be live in the next hotfix. You will have to start a new game for this to take effect , so your best option for this playthrough might be building Levees on those two tiles.

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Alternate fix: If you haven't modified the terrain in your game with dynamite yet, you can edit the Canyon map in the map editor, fill those two tiles, save it as mk2, then start a new game on the modified map. Save that new game, open the new saved game in a text editor, and copy the height map line. Replace that height map line in your current game's save file and then load it. The terrain should change.

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