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Resource Progression Issues

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So far, the game works well and looks great, but there's definitely a bit of awkwardness here and there in how the game is played.

First, the forester is initially locked. This usually results in exhausting all of the trees within reach of your initial cluster of housing. If you run out of logs before spreading out your housing, starting science production, or building a forester, you are stuck waiting a long time to recover from a mistake you didn't even know you had made. Tree farming is such a key thing in this game that a forester flag is probably a good idea, with the forester building, perhaps re-named the foresters' outpost, providing a greater number of job slots and increased efficiency.

Second, there is very little reason to plant anything but maples. Birches produce one log per 9 days, pines produce one log per 6 days, and maples produce one log per 3 days. The only downside to maples is that all eight logs come at the end of nearly two weeks, so early on before production gets rolling you have to wait a long time. That downside causes me to plant a handful of birches and pines in my first tree farm that are later replaced by maples once the other maples are hitting maturity. There are two ways to address this problem: either lock pines and maples behind research point costs, so that maples just aren't available initially, or find an edge that birches or pines can provide over maples, such as birches also dropping edible bark alongside their logs.

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