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Production preview and statistics

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As a player I can't currently plan my economy with the data given. I can just watch supplies increase or decrease.
Your statistics problems probably arise from simulating the economy instead of calculating it. Compare e.g. Northgard or FrostPunk, in both cases production is calculated and starts as soon as workers approach their job. Distance is irrelevant for productivity.

There are multiple issues:

  • Consumption is just estimated; I assume it is one per day for food and water but I don't know
  • Idk how much resources are produced per day. I need an identical timeframe to compare consumption to production. To say water pump produces 3 per run doesn't help; because run duration depends on productivity etc.
    • similar effect for berries. Does amount collected depend on distances? Probably yes, but I didn't check
  • logs is even harder; no clue how fast my builders could consume them. I just see that if my stock hits bottom there seem to be too few loggers.
  • farms are worst. As a player I have no clue about a good ratio of farming plots vs farmers. So this is trial and error, with a good chance of getting it wrong.

Of course you can argue that this is part of the game, to uncover this. But this makes the learning curve unnecessarily steep for new players.

Minimum statistics I'd like would be a projection of stock change per day

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Not that changing to a calculated rather than simulated economy isn't something everyone would want. I love Northgard and Frostpunk but that Pharaoh simulated economy made a lot more sense and felt nicer to me. 

You'd just need to add daily cumulative totals showing up something like banished does. Just knowing that in the last 3 days each day 200 logs were cut, or 130 water were gathered helps a lot, and you can leave to the player to look if conditions were optimal (there were enough trees, there was enough water storage to continuous working).

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simulation works fine; the problem is to get meaningful statistics. Right now given numbers may be wildly misleading or partial. Farming production is a good example; I tried to estimate it in the "survival" thread. The problem is a new player needs decent numbers when he's setting up production, because this is nothing he can correct easily. Hindsight statistics are great for finetuning - I could imagine a breakdown in the building about how workers spent  their time.

A better example might be Kingdoms and Castles, where they had more workers per building. They simulate logistics, but there is time reserved for production, logistics, consumption. A bit like a daily schedule in a project; you are not supposed to work 8 hours non stop exclusively on your tasks.

Pharaoh was mostly continuous, whereas the current streak of "survival" builders lives from oscillating economy and shock events. This makes even simple continuous growth a challenge, because you can't just adjust production if it needs days or weeks advance planning.


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