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Liquid tank storage


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If other liquids are being added to the game like maple syrup (and pine resin?), could the water tanks be switched from just being for water, but change to just storage for liquids? These could either be single liquid type storage, multiple types like the current storage buildings, or even a tiered approach where lower tiers are single type with higher tiers like the large tanks having multiple towers to store liquids. Also they could remain open at the top like currently with the liquid colour changing so you could tell at a glance what is being stored.

I think this would offer a lot of advantages to game play. Besides just the advantage of having less options to filter in the existing storage buildings, I think the complexity of logistics would be fun. As well, this would offer the possibility of having storage close to tapping buildings without the footprint of current storage since the smallest water tank is 1x2 where the smallest general storage is 2x3.

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