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Beavers should adapt to job distance better.

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A beaver that takes up a job should try to move closer to it.

Alternatively a beaver should cede a job to a beaver that lives closer and is trying to get that job if none other is available.

Both of these would have the end result of satellite cities not taking up jobs near a city center while jobs near them are available, and beaver in satellite cities take up jobs near them before they go for city ones.
(sattelite city and city here are the smaller house broups you use to expand the land you use versus the big population centers where the majority of your beavers live and usually get more multi layered industry and such)



In addition to this, not going to make a separate topic to not beat the dead horse, you should be able to set some worker slots as priority jobs for beavers, to have those jobs be filled before the other ones. Just having two available jobs lists rather than one and search over the priority ones first would help, adding unemploying beavers in the non priority list when a priority job is available would make the feature perfect.

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