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Patch notes 2021-12-03 (Experimental) + GeForce Now support


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Hello everyone,

the Experimental Branch is meant to test things and gather your feedback – and this shows! We hear your words of praise for the new content but also the valid concerns you raise.

We had already patched in some fixes, balance adjustments, and tweaks to water behaviour. Today, we’re addressing feedback regarding the new buildings and the faction diversity.


General notes
Not really a patch note but Timberborn on Steam is now available to play via GeForce Now. We know many of you asked for that. Enjoy!

Metal production changes
You have noted that traditional mining does not necessarily fit the lumberpunk theme and the faction differences. Also, it made Shredders obsolete once the ruins were depleted.

  • Updated resource node: Metal Deposit was renamed Underground Ruins. It is now an infinite source of Scrap metal. Ruins remain a limited source of scrap metal. Mine now comes in two faction-specific variants.
  • Updated building: Mine. Has an updated model, and is now a Folktails-exclusive building.
  • New building: Efficient Mine. Has an updated model compared to the Folktails version, and has an output of 2 Scrap metal instead of 1. It is Iron Teeth-exclusive.
  • Updated building: Smelter. It is now used to process Scrap metal from all sources into Metal blocks.
  • Science cost adjusted to 300 SP, building costs adjusted to 50 Planks, 20 Gears, 30 Scrap metal. Now it costs as much as Shredder did.
  • Shredder was removed from the game. But don’t fret, there are shredding enthusiasts in the team and the building may return in some form one day! \m/

Water gameplay and Water Wheels
Ah, water wheels. A welcome sight when they spin, a herald of doom when they don’t. How about getting more variants to further differentiate the factions?

  • Updated building: Water Wheel. It is now a Folktails-exclusive building. Note: If you had the OG Water Wheels built in an Iron Teeth settlement, they will still be there but you won’t be able to build more.
  • New building: Compact Water Wheel (starts unlocked; 25 logs; 50 hp/cms; Iron Teeth-exclusive). Perfect for tight spaces and/or limited power needs. Can be daisy-chained if needed.
  • New building: Large Water Wheel (200 SP; 70 logs, 80 planks; 180 hp/cms; Iron Teeth-exclusive). Now we’re talking! This beast needs to be supported from the side at a height of two tiles, and cannot be daisy-chained that easily.
  • Updated building: Water Marker. It was renamed Stream Gauge, and now it also indicates the water’s current speed.
  • Updated building: Mechanical Water Pump (Iron Teeth). The Iron Teeth variant now has a 6-tile deep pipe matching the faction’s Deep Water Pump.

Aquatic Farmhouse and aquatic crops
Let’s hope using them will be less confusing!

  • Updated Aquatic Farmhouse’s description and icon to better explain the building’s role.
  • Added a new keyword to the aquatic crops: Aquatic. Aquatic crops can only grow when partially submerged in the water.

Observatory changes
We get it, we have underestimated the scientific value of gazing into the stars.

  • Updated building: Observatory. This Inventor’s Hut on steroids now produces Science Points at a high rate and no longer is an attraction.
  • Science cost adjusted to 1000 SP, building costs adjusted to 100 Planks, 50 Gears, 10 Pine Resin. Employs 4 workers.

Leisure buildings
Just some small number changes to leisure buildings.

  • Updated building: Lido. We changed the order of some leisure buildings so the beavers can enjoy their evenings in the water even earlier. Science cost adjusted to 250 SP, building costs adjusted to 40 Logs, 30 Planks. Note: because of the Lido fixes (below), you will find out that your already-built Lidos have disappeared.
  • Updated building: Temple. It’s now a bit more expensive, as beavers prefer to play rather than pray. Science cost adjusted to 400 SP, building costs adjusted to 150 Logs, 60 Planks.


  • Fixed the bug that trapped beavers in the Metal Deposit (now: Underground Ruins) after a Mine’s removal.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed gathering goods from dead crops after reloading the game. 
  • Fixed the gears overlapping in Large Windmill.
  • Fixed a bug with beavers focusing on eating berries with other food available. Kits in Breeding Pods send their regards.
  • Fixed Water Dumps and Mechanical Water Pumps sometimes overflowing reservoirs.
  • Fixed Mechanical Water Pump (Iron Teeth) working four times faster than intended. They’re efficient but come on.
  • Fixed bugs in how the text was displayed in the resource panel and on the save list.
  • Resources are now sorted alphabetically in the building’s inventory panel.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed building a Lido with a single platform acting as a “riverbank”. This fix will cause your Lidos to disappear after loading the game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented building a Lido partially hanging in the air.
  • Fixed a bug with a settlement named “nul” blocking the game. Nice find. o_O
  • Fixed several crash causes.
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I enjoy the Beta/Experimental Branch, the additions are great although the Aquatic farm requires constant fiddling with the water.

My two issues are performance-related, firstly the "tree cutting" tool drops the FPS enormously, which it didn't in the stable version (and might still not do in that one) and secondly I am getting FPS drops at 200 pop which is way too early IMO.

The game sorely needs a notification that pauses the game when your water and food storage runs out as well, at least with a toggle so it can be turned off in case your storage fluctuates heavily. I've had to load a save three times on Hard because I've been fast-forwarding and planning out construction only to find they all died in the meantime...

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On 12/3/2021 at 2:04 PM, Miami said:

Aquatic Farmhouse and aquatic crops
Let’s hope using them will be less confusing!

  • Updated Aquatic Farmhouse’s description and icon to better explain the building’s role.
  • Added a new keyword to the aquatic crops: Aquatic. Aquatic crops can only grow when partially submerged in the water.


It is confusing to me.
1) I can build a building, and "plan" the crops, but the aquatic farmers plant/harvest carrots, not whatever I plan for them to grow. How does a normal beaver turn into an aquatic farmer? 

2) I have a big river and the funny "pond" thing, an can plant whatever I want in there, but still the aquatic farm thinks it's got nothing to do. What am I missing?

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I am also confused by the aquatic farmhouse. It says plants need to be partially submerged, but what does that mean? I added the plants but nothing happens. I created a dam thinking that would fix the problem, but still nothing happens. Maybe an added tutorial for this feature would help. I can't think of a way to get the aquatic farm to work.

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  • Miami unfeatured this topic
  • 5 months later...

Unfortunately it doesn't look like the Experimental branch/Beta works with GE Force Now, whereas it was previously supported. Does anyone know if/when that will be patched?

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