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Cut tree should be default


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Your remark is just about what should be default, right?

I agree, when placing the lumberjack flag, the default should be to gather trees.
The problem is, that the default behaviour could easily lead to a very unfulfilling end for a beaver colony if it's out of wood and can't afford the logs to research and build a forester's hut.
My assumption is that it's required to mark trees before any cutting starts because of that.
But I think it's already too easy to mess that up just playing through the tutorial.

Regardless, I would say that changing the default is closely related to these points:

  • Should the lumberjack have some sort of sustainability built-in? Something like leaving at least one tree should be enough to avoid the game-ending condition.
  • Even with assigning the area, it's very easy to misplan because of having missed the info that trees only regrow when there's a mature tree around.
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Part of the reason it isn't the default is that the more tree areas are highlighted, the harder it lags. At least I believe I've noticed this. Be is why if I full clear an area of trees and build over it I pause the game, deselect the areas for cutting, and then get out of lumber selection menu before resuming game. 

I would instead add a 1-click button to "harvest lumber from all trees in range" for a single lumber jack post. This I think would be more appropriate.

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I agree with yknn. The DEFAULT choice should be that non-highlighted trees are CUT an you HIGHLIGHT trees you DON'T want cut. New players can just drop a lumberjack flag. If they want the trees for chestnuts, pine tar, or maple syrup, they can either not put a lumberjack flag near them or THEN go into the tool to mark the trees as protected.

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