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Hard mode difficulty balancing


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Hard mode is not hard past third season. It just becames tedious. Your beavers won't die, but water wheels are useless 80% of the time, and you can't build really large settlements even if you save every drop of water.

Suggestion 1

Increase wet season duration or water source power  based on previous drought length. Survining droughts will be as hard, but there will be some water to play with in between.

Suggersion 2

Difficulty can be balanced not only by drought duration, but also by applying modifiers to things like productivity hunger and growth rate.

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Building ~16 power wheels is what I do every time prior to moving to wind mills / generators. It's hardly a challange in hardmode, as to be most efficient you have to plant hundreds of maple trees ASAP anyway. While variable water source power could bring really interesting challenges, like having to engineer additional waterways to prevent sudden flooding after really long 30 days draught.

At the moment the amount of water you get between long daughts in hardmode is really not enough to keep waterwheels running all the time. Dynamically increasing said amound would definetely give more options.

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